About Dominick Cole

The passion I have for teaching yoga, meditation, and acroyoga stems from many experiences in my life.  As a young child I was extremely hyperactive and in my teenage years I had multiple issues with the law.  On top of the external trouble, I developed chronic inner thoughts of self hate and self destruction, believing that the negativity made me stronger.  This five year process of difficulties left me emotionally rigid and unwilling to discover ways to grow.  When I signed off probation and moved to Austin TX to play music and financially survive by working construction, I thought I might have escaped the negative patterns in my life.  Even though my external circumstances changed, I was still haunted with critical inner thoughts and damaging beliefs about myself, causing anxiety and physical pain.  I sought answers in many forms, and little did I know that it was going to be a yoga practice that offered a path for ultimately finding relief.  I showed up to class after class for 30 days straight, and not only did I have a physical change but I also started experiencing new ways of thinking.  I’m thankful to say that the practice of yoga eventually led me to meditation and AcroYoga, which has set me up for extraordinary turning points in my life.  Shortly after diving into this spiritual practice, I set off on a 4,000 mile bicycle tour from Austin, Texas to San Diego, California and eventually rode to Portland, Oregon.  During that time period I took my first 200 hour yoga teacher training in Santa Monica, CA and realized I wanted to share my story in the hopes of helping others free themselves from unnecessary physical and psychological tension.  My enthusiasm then lead me to assist in 400 hours of yoga teacher training and to greater leaps of completing a 300 hour Yoga Psychology teacher training.   I’m proud to say that all the ups and downs has lead me to be the teacher that I am today.  Practicing Awareness gives all of us the opportunity to allow the good and bad times to have a positive effect on how we navigate the fine process of life.  My practice has broken through unforeseen barriers of resistance and that is exactly why I am here to share it with you.